Ekspan Los Angeles, California

New solo album"Utterly Disgusted" out now! Ekspan aka Dr. Eksplicit. Jabberjive Productions and Cypher Circuit member. Been doing hip hop music since 1999. Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud links below. contact:
eksplicit@hotmail.com or phone #661-674-0677. Thanks for checking out my stuff, peace.
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Track Name: The Tundra
Insomniac head spins in hectic vicinities
Take Audrey Hepburn, skip Breakfast at Tiffanies
Reckless epiphanies that hit from every angle
Wave around a banner but the shit aint star spangled
..a bloody Morgue symbol that’ll make your thoughts dwindle
Slowly turn your brain into detective John Kimball
Inject the wrong riddle in the top part of your cranium
More filled up that free bobble head night at Dodger Stadium
Got rotten titanium, can’t find the right medium
Don’t trust Arabians with schisty ingredients
A feisty comedian, got foul food for thought
And no one wants to go near your girl’s sour twat
Yo my crew’s on the top, while you’re all some false prophets
That stays on the bottom and gets shot by snot rockets
Toad the Wet Sprocket, I’m rocking and socking
At Laughlin, in sports books, unlocking the toxins
Talking to oxen and stopping the gossip
I swing combo locks at who shops at Hot Topic
Take your Jack Skellington skully and toss it
With scalp and brain tissue inside that’s gone softened.

Got zero ambition and no five year plan
Just your old friend Ekspan cutting jams for the fans
Cutting off hands, grubbing Spam from a can
Maybe Green Eggs and Ham, then rock some Onyx and Slam!!
Dr. Seuss rhyme scheme, my eyes burn from Visine
Did this for myself and I, fuck you Irene
The sirens are blinding while sides start dividing
Scatter like mice; let the cops try to find me
It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt
I say fuck the fame and stay scum of the earth
Came from the dirt, remain froze in the Tundra
Mad dirty hoes blazing Marlboro One Hundreds
Ultra light thunder at Club Ted and Dasha’s
I take vodka shots and snuff wannabe rastas
Lotka from Taxi, drop comic relief
Vomit and leave, often mock your beliefs
Talking to the chief make your boss take a knee
Make like a tree and leave, stay lost at sea
Come sail away to an SCV sewer
Where fools think they’re cool but just stew in manure
Unruly maneuvers to snob connoisseurs
All sorts of slobs, now kabobs on the skewer
Chopped down to fewer, slow cooking from torches
Burn out your eyeballs then welcome misfortune.
Track Name: Spine Tingling Shivers (feat. Handlez)
Party People on the dance floor
Tell me what the fuck does your life even stand for
Fall through the trap floor, some whores looking glorified
Ekspan from the Morgue, schizo – more than borderline
Binge Bro, Jabberjive – never make a sacrifice
Shitting on your pack of lies, and smack you in the afterlife
Rocking out to Mack the Knife, a modern night Sinatra
Got your girlie shrieking like some fat bitch singing opera
Boom Shocka Locka, got her locked up in the basement
Re-enacting Gerald’s Game and it is way abrasive
And yes I’ll drop some strange shit to feed this sick millennium
While telling tales of the heart to feed a Pit and Pendulum
Arrested with Development, I’m messed up taking mescaline
Regressing to a vegetable, but still confess a testament
The deadliest of residents residing in the country
Just a hungry fucking zombie and I keep it nice and funky

More often than not I’m running with a gang of hooligans
Known for taking mulligans, and pissing in the pool again
Pick apart the foolishness of yuppie mother fuckers
And these fists are full of dynamite so run and Duck You Sucker!
Go home and fuck your mother, dusted ugly buster
Just don’t cut the mustard and your guts are gonna rupture
So get left in a dumpster with Oscar the Grouch
Tears for Fear Shout, got poor posture and slouch
Play possum; drown in the Penobscot River
Don’t talk like Teller this Pen snips like scissors
Spine tingling shivers for folks of all ages
With signed, sealed, delivered jokes making front pages
I bring much persuasion to doubters and skeptics
The hour glass runs thin, get louder and wreck shit
Empower the hectic connected inventions
At reckless and un pretentious death conventions
Track Name: Off Yonder'
Over hills and faraway, with loathsome pills I’ll probably stay
In creepy, grungy places, with abundant fucking lazy days
Turn a brain to waste, become a hasty stubborn prick
Went back to swigging Tanquerey, abducted by the mother ship
Another fricken stick up in the mud and don’t escape
From Nightmares & Dreamscapes, most fools won’t relate
Shouldn’t test your fate unless it’s absolutely necessary
Absolutely hundred proof excuse is it’s hereditary
Looking for some better berries, brewing new contraptions
New witch doctor methods for progressive interaction
A frightening concoction makes titans clash often
This tyrant with topspin takes naps in the coffin
While coughing up some hairballs, a pair of lungs, and organs
Now I can’t do shit as if I’ve just become a Mormon
The wasp’s nest is swarming; I’m cursed with The Shining
View UFO sightings, while riding the lightning



The walls are tearing down in this Barton Fink hotel
Looking like its Armageddon and I start to think oh well
Fuck it if I’m dying, might as well go out frying
And will not be relying on the prophecies of Mayans
You’re swallowed by the lions, gullible and losing battles
Fucked over and desperate like the characters in Babble
Connecting words like scrabble on the drunken daily travels
Dabble in the darkest shit that makes the cages rattle
Rock the boat baby or re-sink the Titantic
Re-think my whole life and make it anti-climatic
It wont be pragmatic, a fan of when it’s tragic
A grip of bad habits, and shits about to happen
Electrical static enhances the passion
When rapping no faction of action is lacking
I’m laughing and passing the spliff in rotation
The fans give a standing and blissfull ovation


A trouble making piece of shit as long as I remember
Left alone inside the home now by mid December
Hooligan endeavors, making families disappear
Slapping on some burning aftershave and screaming in the mirror
We got a problem child here, face your fears motherfucker
This diseased little jerk is a killing with a snow shoveller
Still been so stubborn that it’s rubbing off on others
Stash a grip of fucking drugs when ducking under covers
Summers been a bummer, left me paranoid and paralyzed
Back to thoughts of suicide it’s looking like its paradise
Point of no return, watch the world fucking burn
Looks like everything’s a blur, up in smoke, under the urn
Know what I mean Vern? …I’m a stern individual
Bipolar schizophrenic socio, with no residuals
Paint the grisly visual then flip into a psycho rage
Rip your bitches head off and then stick it in the microwave

Track Name: Pink Martini (feat. Illiterate, & Merk)
Check your snotty attitude when stepping through this doorway
Steadily we splatter crews while celebrating Morgue day
There’s realms from here to Norway, with four forms of swordplay
Fly a fucking kite and die if this shit aint your forte
Your feelings are honestly of really no concern to me
Ill break open thermometers and make you swallow mercury
Merk and me, plus Illy the kid, a nasty trio
On some old school shit, up in your fucking face like Captain E.O.

I see the worst in people and the chances are I hate you
Traveled half across our state to be here, Daniel Plainview
A family man, here’s my son and partner H.W.
This whole ocean of oil underneath us straight troubles you
Pronto on the double splatter blood upon another doom
Bastard from a basket, fucking hookers in your mother’s room
Stun a couple sucker crews, you busters better make way
Got nothing but malicious views and set to have a great day
Piss on what the fake say, they’re all a bunch of lame brains
Make you shit your fucking pants and change that silly stage name
Pull and Edward Nigma and manipulate your brain waves
Now your life’s surreal on the next season of fame games
Good god, you’re fucking up left and right bitch
Step into this office and then off goes the light switch
I’ll rock you with some tight shit, the burn is extra hurtful
And I’ll work upon your nerves until you turn the color purple
Track Name: Trauma
……A passion for storytelling in the horror genre
Children slowly disappear and can’t ignore the trauma
A darkly haunted sauna that gets locked up from the outside
Makes em slowly sweat to death and face a little down time
See the smiling clown shine and bargain for your soul
Feelings have been downsized while hearts been turned to coal
Some corpses start to roll over the grave in which they’re napping
And a filthy leper’s standing in the shadows and he’s laughing
It’s difficult to fathom, like Dean Koontz with Phantoms
Spirits in the sky will try to hold the truth for ransom
Don’t be taking chances, thinking time to join a coven
Or you’ll wake up to make breakfast and find heads inside the oven
This motherfuckers buggin, and the bloodstreams getting clotted
So they’re shootin him with Haldol, mixed with Morphine and Dilauded
Take a look at the collages in this strange hallucination
Take a look into the light and then escape a ruthless nation

(Handlez Chorus)

Stuck inside a crisis and you find it hard to think straight
Lucifer’s around the corner handing out a clean slate
Look inside a dreamscape, suddenly your spleen breaks
Took the devils offer but there’s no returns or rebates
Burned up from a mean fate, and everything’s eventual
Now you’re being picked apart by extra sick terrestrials
The feeling aint celestial at heavens other spectrum
Being overthrown Dr. Jekyll, no sorts or protection
Infections slowly fester and then slide around your organs
Shooting blood from out your eyes and ears, all sights and sounds distorted
A madman that’s supported by the limbs of a contortionist
You turn into a pro-lifer but don’t know what abortion is
…………………and this shit is quite unfortunate
So welcome to the underworld and say goodbye to ordinance
Demons fucking run the place, and yes, they’ll have their way with you
And never fully satisfied until they feel you’ve paid your dues

(Handlez Chorus)

Heads are fucking spinning and the walls are quickly closing
Feeling lucky that you’re winning, got a soul that’s sickly frozen
Been depicted from the chosen, gaze upon a field of roses
Become the fucking Crimson King and call upon some locusts
The worlds gone out of focus, while the sky’s been filled with frogs and shit
Lighting to the hopeless, with a thought process derogative
So often been provocative, with thoughts of an apocalypse
Saw the planets soften and I’m shot from off the rocket ship
Track Name: Sergio Leone
Get your system pumpin there’s no time for chicken dumplings
Know when Handlez brings percussion that this shit is fucking thumpin
Running with the roughest bunch from west of Mississippi
I’m invested in this vessel and the message isn’t pretty
Its nothing for the kitties, and what’s new pussycat
You really think those pussy raps stand a chance to push me back
…………………….I think not, your way out of your element
And got no frame of reference, lets go bowling for the hell of it
A seven-ten split will split your dome down the middle
Rolled the perfect game will spitting pronouns and riddles
So throw down the griddle watch em burn up in the frying pan
You say you slang the bombest herb, but homey I aint buying that
……………………………The whole thing is preposterous
I’ll slit your fucking throat for trying to break these eastern promises
The least of three accomplishments, surrealist and ominous
Infested by a demon, evil heathen, taken hostages
Cerebral and provocative, who’s shootin bottle rockets
Tennenbaum mentality while living Life Aquatic
Hope on the Darjeeling track that’s headed back to Rushmore
Have a dreadful heart attack while busting up the front door
What the fuck’s this slut whore cut trying to pull now
Degrade the nasty worthless tramp in front of sold out full crowds
Making em say what the fuck and see you get your money’s worth
Filling up a cup of blood while creeping in a scummy hearse
Must defeat the mummy first to see if this shit’s meant to be
Born in lust, becoming dust then brewing storms of centuries
…………………………………Call me legion or Linoge
Cause I know your deepest secrets and your homes get overthrown
I’ll throw a lot of bones that equal awful lots of clues
And yet fools still don’t fucking get it everything thought’s been misconstrued
Cause you tune into the view, stirring foolish beef stew
A little droid like D-2 and all your plans are see through
So bet that we defeat you without breaking a sweat
Making and example of those fake empty threats
It’s time to place bets on how long will your life last
How fucking long til you’re gone from this knife gash
It’s safe to say quite fast or something more like twice that
Even if we let you go your heads still got a price tag
Bounty hunters on the prowl to gun down lonely phonies
Now it’s ending like a western filmed by Sergio Leone.
Track Name: Jerusalem's Lot (feat. Narc)
Life’s a bitch and then you die, to hell with perfect alibis
Stick a needle in my eye; I did this shit in half the time
Tune in via satellite to gaze upon your funeral
Sometimes called a genius but a mind frame far from beautiful
Just can’t escape my cubical, the daily grind hogwash
Try to get lost in my thoughts and then the boss squawks
More often than not, between a hard place and a rock
See the birches; things will worsen, as I write like Robert Frost
A mental holocaust, and probably wont achieve survival
Guess I’ll rest my head in hell because I don’t believe the bible
Relieved by suicidal even homicidal tendencies
Check these fucking vitals in the mind you’ll see discrepancies
A messenger with leprosy, and multi personalities
A troubled fucking alky and a burden to the family
The curtain’s rising gradually, the show begins at midnight
I travel around with vampires that go in for your windpipe
Searching for some insight in the gruesomest spot
And now I’ve chose to stay lost in Jerusalem’s Lot
Searching for some insight in the gruesomest spot
And now I’ve chose to stay lost in Jerusalem’s Lot

Fucked up past the point of recognition, gone fishing
Still wishing with a vision that this shit’ll get efficient
Spit a quick depiction of the glitch in which your itchin
Quit the bitchin, fixing friction, in a vicious kitchen
Mixing up revenge recipes with poisoned sweet treats
Now a fucking demon barber lurking down Fleet Street
Knee deep in shits creek, forever in a rut
Take the razor to my throat and spill a river full of blood
Track Name: Space Cases (feat. Damascus, Biotic, Handlez, Illiterate, & Merk)
Drunk as fucking shit, upon hypnotic Blue Moons
telling jokes in poor taste that are dropping too soon
Chew the tops of good shrooms, laugh it up and kicking more facts
A tortured schizophrenic on the warpath, like Rorschach
Rock an ugly Morgue mask, I’ll tell you that your whore’s fat
Drink a flask of Jagermeister, then I ride her horseback
It’s back to square one, where you’re placed upon the chopping block
Along with all the other lemming robots that I rock and sock
Jabberjive’ll rock the spot, in rain, sleet, or snow
Known to get the party poppin with the strangest freak show
We just let the beat flow until the wheels disappear
Near the realest of fears, that appeals to my peers
And I see it in the mirror, like Candyman five times
Got some rather dandy plans to Ekspan as time flies
You’re dropping off like flies, or a moth inside a killing jar
The mind frame of a monster any given time is still bizarre
Track Name: The Fishermix
You judgemental dumb fucks get snuffed in an instant
Cause luck’s about up and you just can’t go the distance
This flow shows persistence, it’s time to take notes kids
This mojo’s efficient, your vision’s plain hopeless
Take these brain potions quite potent for poetry
H.P. Lovecraft mixed with Poe on a horror spree
Peter Straub, Stephen King, Black House, Talisman
Here and now like a friend once said in the blasted lands
Beware the Fisherman, Bernie, Mr. Munshun
Hypnotized by a crow and don’t know where it comes from
Stuck in this conundrum you best to fucking run son
Hunt you with and air compressor hooked up to a stun gun
This aint no country for you older sacks of shit
A grab the cash pacifist that’s cracking all your ribs
A backhand to your bitch right in the midst of broad daylight
Catch this shit first hand got no use fore grape vines
Throw up your gang signs, expect severed fingers
Got Cronenberg visions, disheveled Dead Ringers
So now the head lingers in a loopy state of limbo
Take groupies for a wild ride then shoot em out the window
Keeping habits sinful with ill, shize, and Rehab
Strictly hardcore taking weed drags in police labs
Please pass the grass and a flask full of jack
Backpack, pack of smokes, never lack stacks of raps
You aint packing a gat, man the action is whack
I grab some Jack in the Crack, but I’m mad strapped for cash
Yes I laugh at the past in a drastic flash back
That’s supposed to be funny, but it’s not like Jack Black
……………………………….fuck things are looking ugly
Like Lucky Luciano when he killed his buddy Bugsy
Rough and tough like rugby, goodbye Ruby Tuesday
Blaze a groovy doobie, got the secret plans for doomsday
KABOOM…goodbye kids, welcome to the end of it
Tell no fucking lies you’re getting schisted without benefits
The sediments relentless, and it stings you when it settles in
A little fish to pelicans, a peanut to an elephant
So go ahead and tell a friend that all my shit’s irrelevant
Bump your whack commercial shit that turns your brain to gelatin
50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne, in the club, dirty south
Catch a fucking baseball bat upside your stupid nerdy mouth
Track Name: Different Seasons (feat. Palindrome)
This shit’s live as fuck and it busts up your ear drums
Madness comes in many forms; watch out for the weird bums
The beer runs like wine, women flock to Capistrano
The salmon tastes divine goodbye to better days tomorrow
Swallow from the bottle, yo I know your thoughts are borrowed
Ill in Sleepy Hollow, while you wallow in your sorrow
Following the leader, but you’re going nowhere fast
Another brick up in the wall that’s usually late to class
Hits from the past, and we don’t need no education
I’m comfortably numb, while in a sticky situation
There’s risky stipulations, that somehow don’t affect me
Coasting on a jet ski, smoking up the best trees
Blowing up the west wing, into fucking smithereens
Call you Paul Sheldon when I put you all through Misery
Bring a lot of trickery, like trick or fucking treat bitch
No more pity bickering, you dummies make me sea sick
Spit from here to Egypt, and move through different regions
Fall away from innocence and groove to Different Seasons
New methods for breathing, a nasty Apt Pupil
This head full of vindictive information’s mad useful
Take your Metamucil as I shoot a missile launcher
At you sheltered motherfuckers that resemble Mr. Rogers
Sift through the mirages on a misty Treasure Island
Your shits all a fassad, and I still keep my pleasure violent
It’s tough to measure science when you work with broken beakers
Track Name: Brainstorm
Got a brainstorm brewing from the ruins of a psychopath
Change the norms influence, now you wonder if I might go back
Hey not quite so fast, I’m slicing with a lightning staff
At all pretentious phony fucks who think they’ve chose the righteous path
I’m on some other shit, while your just mere sheep
Plus all your beats are fucking weak you aids infested queer creep
Gotta put you dogs to sleep before the brink is where I sink
Or creeping deeper in the darkness, tripping balls and need a shrink
Stop and start to think about eksplicit P.H.D.’s
While you yuppie fucking puppies look like spoiled Pekingese
Ravioli mixed with steez, feeling where I want to be
While your still a wannabe, softer than some Clark Wallabies
Harm for arteries, never one for speaking pardon me
Bring your smarmy army, and get scarred by darker artistry
You’re all a farce to me, far fetched fucking fruitcakes
With double-headed dildos, and some gerbils in your suit case
Blurring into two face, but fully over politics
Every pointless argument, I’m every day demolishing
Steady sever promises and work with top accomplices
Adjust your bratty attitudes and stop the rotten pompousness
Rocking beats around the clock with new developed strategies
And never feel the jobs complete til everybody’s mad at me
A Modern Greek tragedy, been lost and Gone South
Since this Boy’s Life begun, been running with the wrong crowd
Now we’ll break the bong out within a shroud of murky rain clouds
Soaking up the sound of when you blow your worthless brains out
……………………………….and that’s music to my ears
After laughter comes the tears, but that’s not the story here
Only gory shit that’s weird and appears more superior
In grimly lit interiors with witches from Suspiria
A state of mass hysteria, the Dawn of Dead revisited
Split your fucking skull before the chance to split up dividends
Intricate with instruments, got new inventions pattened
But lost faith in human kind and off to Mars like Doc. Manhattan
With fewer complications meditate through solar systems
Getting old as fucking dirt, still can’t escape Bipolar missions
A colder vision than a frozen villains eyes with x-rays
A morbid Holden Caulfield that never got his head straight
And instant fucking checkmates, to every shady challenger
A strange reclusive writer in the vein of J.D. Salinger
Track Name: Oxygen Tank
Many realms of madness, I wander through some weird shit
The worlds awfully fucked up, I’m walking through it fearless
Don’t give a rat’s ass if suckers want to judge me
Look into the past to view the good, the bad and ugly
Bloody fucking Sunday’s, basking in belligerence
Burned alive one way while masking what’s indigenous
Hope you get the gist of this mystical elixir
From Mr. I don’t give a shit, with rituals in sick words
Habitual with scriptures that play off your thoughts
Get told by my elder’s time to lay off the sauce
But can’t pay the cost, yo I say what I want
A straight vagabond and every day is but a haunt
Just may take The Jaunt to a different time and region
On an odyssey through outer space, see people tried for treason
The climate seems deceiving, but believe it when you see it
With a meaning sounding similar to onomatopoeias
Got a head full of ideas, but the days are lacking hours
Still a modern day philosopher that’s often smacking cowards
No more magic powers, but a fan of after hours
So when terrors of the night arrive, you bastards get devoured
……………………………….stuck in a planet gone sour
But trying to hold it all together like The Dark Tower
An acid rain shower makes you take your last breath then
Feel the nasty wrath of this blast from the Brethren


Take that last breath from an oxygen tank
The times come for death and I’m offering thanks
Go to great lengths to see you fall on your face
Raise the stakes; make a change that’ll placate your faith
No time to play games bitch, this clocks fucking tickin
All that lame bullshit from the record got stricken
I came to drop wisdom and evolve as plots thicken
Make a couple big decisions while the kids are gone fisihin
It’s rather long winded with a message at the center
Reminiscent of endeavors back when thing’s couldn’t be better
Sending hectic letters cause my head is Helter Skelter
From dwelling in the cellar of another selfish shelter
A three or four day bender leads to buckets full of problems
Depressed as hell than start to thing, well fuck, who doesn’t got em?
The city’s dark like Gotham, but I’m not a crime fighter
Just a drunken rhyme writer with a sight that shines brighter
Recite with live wires, Firestarter vs. the government
Burn motherfucker, burn, no time for the subtle shit
Stumble with a humble wish, Rusty James in Rumble Fish
Your kingdom starts to crumble, cause you had the ball and fumbled bitch
Pick up all the scattered pieces of this pointless puzzle
Take this pint of pine sol, pucker up and fucking guzzle
End of all your troubles, aint no need to call a huddle
Seeming worthless for rebuttals, but perfect to burst a bubble
Surfing through the rubble on a futuristic shuttle
See nothing but disaster cause the cards were poorly shuffled
Sight and sound are muffled, when you take that last breath then
Feel the nasty wrath of this blast from the Brethren